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Tyson Lagoon has been a site of fresh water for at least the last 3700 years (Lienkaemper, et al, 2002). This sag pond outlines the trace of the Hayward fault zone in this area.

In trenches in the South Pond the USGS has found evidence of the 1868 earthquake. The earthquake destroyed most of the Mission Adobe structure and devastated the homes of many of the residents. Using detailed stratigraphy and carbon dating they arrived at dates of 1730, 1630, and 1470 (90 years) for the other earthquake occurrences.

Learn more about the active and inactive traces of the Hayward Fault as you walk through Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon. You will also see how Alameda Country Flood Control and Water Conservation District has been restoring the area for local wildlife by sponsoring the Math Science Nucleus to work with high school students to help maintain the area.


Saturday February 16, 2-4 PM
Saturday May 17


1999 Walnut Ave. (behind Fremont BART Station)
Fremont, CA


This ground shaking produced by the 1868 was strongest in San Leandro, Hayward, and Fremont. This walking tour is located at ground zero for the 1868 earthquake.


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Math Science Nucleus, (510)790-6284

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