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Skyline College

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Original music about the Hayward fault and earthquakes available for educational venues with permission from producer.

Television program in ongoing series of earth science shows will be produced about the Hayward Earthquake Alliance, showing press conference (10/17/07) and supported with additional visuals and music videos. (Community television)

Song title Time Size Notes
An S-Wave Is Comin' 03'12 3.7 MB The Bay Area will be shaking from P, S, and L waves as seismology goes
Etude for Engineers 03'13 3.7 MB Written and produced by Mel Zucker; Arranged, performed and engineered by Lisa Sanchez.
Risky Business 02'39 3.0 MB Forecasting earthquakes, intensity and actual costs in damage is very risky
business, so this original blues song expresses the effort in musical form.

Written and produced by: Mel Zucker. Performed, arranged, and engineered by: Lisa Sanchez.
The Land We Adore 03'28 4.0 MB Sung by Lisa Sanchez.
The Hayward Fault Is Creeping 02'28 2.8 MB A rock-n'-roll song about the Hayward fault, the 1868 earthquake and
fault creep.


October 2007 - October 2008


to be arranged


Use of music and television as a community outreach to attract the public's attention to the Hayward fault, earthquake hazards and forecasts in an entertaining manner




Mel Zucker, (650) 738-4223

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