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FIELD TRIP - Earthquake at UCB? The Hayward Fault, Campus Retrofit, and The Seismological Laboratory

Northern California Geological Society

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Have you walked through an offset stream channel? Sat on a shutter ridge? The Hayward Fault runs rught through UCB's Memorial Stadium and the uphill edge of the campus.

Join the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory's Peggy Hellweg, to walk the trace of the fault and learn about its past and present. On our way back Christine Shaff and Craig Comartin will provide an insider's tour of the retrofit activities on campus. Finally, at the seismolab, Peggy will give an introduction to its earthquake monitoring activities and seisomological research.

Please download and submit the registration form. The trip is limited to 40 people.


November 15, 2008 8:30 am


North Gate entrance of UCB


Open to all interested

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