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American Geophysical Union Special Session on the Hayward Fault

U.S. Geological Survey, UC Berkeley, Math & Science Nucleus, California Geological Survey

Two special sessions on the Hayward Fault will be held at the American Geophysical Union in December, 2007, at West Moscone Conference Center, San Francisco. The sessions will focus on scientific progress, outreach and public awareness efforts.

Scientific Progress

The session will showcase our state of knowledge of the Hayward Fault nearly 140 years after the 1868 earthquake with a focus on recent studies of the Hayward Fault. Important new datasets and models include: High-resolution elevation models (from airborne LIDAR), InSAR imagery of active deformation and creep along the fault, new age dating at paleoseismic sites along the fault zone, a ShakeMap for the 1868 earthquake, 3D geometric and mechanical models of the fault, and ground motion simulations for a rupture along the Hayward Fault. We welcome contributions focused on improved understanding of the Hayward fault based on geologic, seismologic and geodetic evidence.

Outreach and Public Awareness

We will also highlight efforts to educate the public of the seismic hazard posed by the Hayward Fault using different strategies. Key methods include earthquake curriculum for K-12 schools, displays in local museums, and an earthquake trench exposing the Hayward Fault in Fremont. There is also a behind the scenes education of public policy makers so they understand the science behind the Hayward Fault. Several groups are working together to make preparedness a priority through education.


December 10 - 15, 2007


Howard and 4th Street
West Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA 94103


The special sessions will showcase our current scientific knowledge about the 1868 Hayward earthquake and explore ways to improve public awareness of this event.


Educators and scientists


Tom Brocher, (650) 329-4737

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