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1868 Hayward Earthquake Alliance

1868 Hayward Earthquake Alliance

About Us

Objective: Commemorate the 140th anniversary of the 1868 Hayward earthquake to raise public awareness of the imminent hazard posed by the Hayward Fault and to reduce its risk to Bay Area residents, communities, and businesses.

The average interval between the past five earthquakes on the Hayward Fault has been 140 years. With the 140th anniversary of the last big Hayward earthquake, scientists believe a damaging earthquake can happen at any time. Now is the time to learn how we can all prepare and live more safely with the risks it poses.


Our members include policy makers, the media, historians, educators, scientists and engineers, emergency responders, business and industry leaders, and the public and represent a variety of private and public sector organizations.


Public forums, publications, innovative exhibits, performances, outdoor activities, preparedness fairs, films, conferences, and educational and web materials by Alliance members.


Commemorative events span the months leading up to and following the 140th Hayward earthquake anniversary on October 21, 2008.


In the East Bay, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with a reach throughout the world.